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Phone: 02 6655 5000
International Phone: +61 2 6655 5000


from Due to high work-load and large response - Please do not phone us, please use the contact form. Send us examples of your work, or keep corespondance to

If you phone us we will not consider your application. We will contact you is we are interested in your work.

*We are getting simply silly amounts of phone calls from people offering us goods or services.
Please note that
a) we are quite happy with our telephone service
b) we have our laser toner and inkjet supplies all sorted thanks
c) we have recently decided to start charging for these phone calls. Our rates are a reasonable $10 flat fee (for the interruption and admin) and $2 per minute thereafter. So please start your call by giving us your credit card number or other billing info. We strongly suggest other forward thinking businesses do the same.
d) We usually divert phone calls to a mobile so we can take out-of-hours calls. So please see below.

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