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Edible Media is a design and photography studio providing creative services and catering to any sized business, or individual. Mmmmm creative services...

Our focus is on visually interesting and dynamic graphic and print media, using strong graphic and photographic elements, with the aim of producing something a little different. We feel that there is always room for a little innovation.

Please do not try to eat any of our brochures or print media*.

This website will serve you up some of our favourite projects, as well as giving you ballpark figures on costs. We also hope to show you our working process so you can see why certain things take time, and where our quality approach to designed media comes from.

below is a sampler, for further proofs of our pudding, click here

Coffs Coast Explorer 2014

Graphic design, photography

Design and layout of page content (not adverts) of this tourism brochure highlighting the diversity of the Coffs Coast region

Paul Tydd Builder

Mylestom Accommodation

Website design, photography

Award winning Builder working throughout NSW»

Castaway Cottage

Mylestom Accommodation

Video and website design

Cottage Accommodation in Mylestom, near Coffs Harbour NSW»

Real Photography

Real Estate Photography and Video

Photography and website design

Real estate photogrpahy and video »

Afterglow Cottages Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation in Bellingen

Photography and website design

A bellingen luxury accommodation website »

Bellingen Valley Lodge

Bellingen Accommodation

Photography and brochure design, website design

A bellingen accommodation website »

bellinger magic 2006-2011

project: photography graphic website design

Photography and brochure design, including all content, advertising etc

more please »

warrumbungles tourism brochure

project: tourism brochure

Photography and brochure design, including all content, advertising etc

more please »

the landmark

project:landmark website

Logo, signage and website for this land subdivision in Armidale

more please »

*literally edible?

We frequently get asked if we make media that you can eat. We often then get asked why we are "edible" media, if you can't actually eat any of it. There are a few reasons, some of which are not made-up: we thought our produce was good enough to eat / we liked the bouncy nature and the look of the word / it seemed like a good idea at the time

all new website

This is our new website, our old one was 6 years old, and a cause of some embarrassment, but without wanting to brag, we've been too busy to give it a makeover. (Not that we're not busy now mind, its just, well have a look and you'll understand why we wanted an update!) This site is what you might call a Beta release - not everything is finished, and there will be some bugs. Please let us know if you spot any.

designer diet

Giclee Printing

We've just revamped our photo printing website. Its a little side-order that goes perfectly with our main course - we supply photography direct to interior designers amongst others - and now are offering it as a service. Giclee Canvas Photos @ the print workshop

What's this funny box stuck at the bottom of the page? Well its purpose is to make this page friendly to search engines, and to help to maintain Edible Media's position high in the rankings. At the beginning of 2008 we were in the top 10 sites in australia on the busiest search sites.

When we re-designed the website we made a conscious decision to not try so hard to get business from web searches. Most of our business comes from word of mouth or referrals. We see this new site as being a portfolio for those prospective clients, and as a resource for existing clients. However we still use those web promotion skills to boost the ratings of our client's websites.

So this box lists some of the key services that we provide, plus our clients sites.






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